Derrick Rose Has Been a Dud

When the Cavs lured Derrick Rose to wonderful Cleveland, Ohio over the summer, I was just as ecstatic as most Cleveland/LeBron fans were. I thought that a glaring issue–bench production–was about to be fixed.

And the traditional stats say that he’s performed up to those expectations, and could be a lethal weapon with the second unit come June. That’s in part why I hate traditional stats. The advanced stats, and only the advanced stats, properly demonstrate Rose’s performance thus far as a wine and golder.

Here are the bogus standard stats that say Rose has been a good point guard in his time in Cleveland. As you can see, he stacks up to tier-1 and 2 points guards in points per 36 minutes and field goal percentage:

It’s almost as deceptive as a seasoned politician’s campaign rhetoric.

One of the most important aspects of a point guard, and any player, for that matter, is efficient distributing. He should be able to dish out assists while limiting turnovers. One of Cleveland’s pitfalls in the 2017 Finals was their inability to limit turnovers, and Rose has been of no assistance in that department.

Take a look at another scattergram featuring the 8 point guards in the graph above, just with assists per 36 minutes on the y-axis, and assist-to-turnover ratio on the x-axis:

So not only has Rose been a below average distributor, he’s been an absolutely abysmal distributor.

The comparisons become even more concerning when we start talking about advanced metrics like PER and win shares, the former which encompasses everything that happens on offense (turnovers, eFG%, FT%, points, etc.) and the latter which encompasses everything that happens in NBA games (box score +/-, defensive rating, value over replacement player, etc.).

Notice not only the gap between Rose and the tier-1 and tier-2 point guards, but also the group of players clustered around Rose’s name. On the x-axis is PER, and on the y is win shares.

NOTE: I omitted Steph Curry and Damian Lillard because their PER and win shares are so high that the names towards the bottom would’ve been on top of each other.

Yeah. Derrick Rose has been bad. Really bad. Even players like Yogi Ferrell, Isaiah Taylor, Tim Frazier, and Austin Rivers can claim that they’ve been better than him this season.

Rose’s 1 year $2.1 million deal opened some eyes this offseason. With perrennial scrubs like Otto Porter Jr signing $100 million deals, people were surprised that the former MVP settled for such a meager contract. “Cleveland better maxmize their time with Derrick Rose, because after he proves himself, he’s signing a massive deal in the offseason”, they said. They couldn’t have been more wrong.

Derrick Martell Rose has been one of the worst players in the NBA in the 2017-2018 season.

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