The GOAT of Every Sport

With Tom Brady securing his place as the greatest player to ever grace the NFL, we thought it’d be good time to examine the greatest players to ever play every sport.

Football: Tom Brady

Why not start with Tom?

As if there was any doubt of Brady’s GOAT status heading into Sunday Night, Brady just furthered himself from the pack after dragging the Patriots back from a 25-point deficit.

The 5-time champ, 4-time Super Bowl MVP, and 3-time regular season MVP is by far the most decorated player the league has ever seen. And the consistency, and inhuman inefficiency year in and year out put him at football’s pinnacle.

If anybody was to master the unpredictable quarterback position, it’s Brady. In fact, there’s a decent argument that he already has…

Basketball: Michael Jordan

Expect anything different?

Much like Brady, Jordan has the awards and championships to claim GOAT status, and the numbers to back it up.

The 6-time regular season and Finals MVP was the most dominant force the NBA had seen since Wilt, dominating the 90’s like no decade had been dominated before.

But as impressive as his quantitative accomplishments are (rings, awards, records, etc.), it’s the plethora of truly iconic moments throughout his career that have truly set him apart.

“The Shot” part 1 and part 2, the flu game, his 3-point barrage in Portland (which led to “The Shrug”), his up-and-under vs the Lakers, the Slam Dunk Contest vs Wilkins, and his 63-point game in Boston are just a few of the moments that have shaped the legend.

Hockey: Wayne Gretzky

This might’ve been the easiest choice of all.

Gretzky’s point tally is the best in NHL history by a country mile (he leads by almost 1,000), and nobody should sniff that prestigious mark for the rest of time. In fact, if you took away every single goal that Wayne scored in his professional career, he’d still have the most points in the history of the NHL.

The 9-time MVP (you read that right) and 4-time Stanley Cup winner is the owner of an astounding 60 official NHL records, and an even more astonishing 123 additional, unofficial records (again, not a typo).

Soccer: Lionel Messi

A controversial choice if you speak to some older folks, but an obvious choice if you speak to anyone not watching sports through nostalgia goggles.

The grace and ease by which Messi seemingly glides past defenders with is unmatched in the history of the game, and will likely never be seen again.

As has been the case throughout his entire career, even when he doesn’t score, fans can’t help but to still be left in awe at every other aspect of the game. Oh, and did I mention that he’s the most lethal scorer in the history of the game nonetheless?

Take a look at my all-time favorite Messi goal. It encapsulates who he is as a player. The grace, the pace, the dribbling, and the cheeky finish to round it all off. A thing of beauty.

Baseball: Babe Ruth

This one was definitely the toughest decision to make, but in the end, I went with the most popular choice.

Baseball, more than any other sport, is subject to which era a player plays in. So I didn’t go with the player who I felt was the most skillful, but rather the player with the best stats.

And Ruth’s .342 average, 714 dingers, 2,213 RBIs, and 4 World Series rings are tough to argue against.


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