Redrafting the 2011 NBA Draft

In every NBA draft, there’s always lottery picks that bust, second round picks that shine, and front offices left wondering “what if…?”

Here’s what would’ve happened had the teams in the 2011 draft been given the chance to redraft the top-10 picks.

Actual Top 10 Selections:

1.) Kyrie Irving

2.) Derrick Williams

3.) Enes Kanter

4.) Tristan Thompson

5.) Jonas Valančiūnas

6.) Jan Veselý

7.) Bismack Biyombo

8.) Brandon Knight

9.) Kemba Walker

10.) Jimmer Fredette


1.) (Cavaliers) Kyrie Irving (Actual Draft Position: 1)

Although Kawhi Leonard should be recognized as the better player overall, the Cavs are in an interesting situation here.  If they draft Leonard, they’ll have the superior talent, but this selection also rules out any possibility of LeBron James returning.  So Kyrie it is.



2.) (Timberwolves) Kawhi Leonard (Actual Draft Position: 14)

Minnesota’s front office is likely salivating at the roster-that-could’ve-been had they taken Leonard instead of Michael Beasley.  They’d have 3 of the 5 best players 25 years old or younger, and we’d be talking about a dynasty in Minnesota (although we already are, to an extent).


3.) (Jazz) Jimmy Butler (Actual Draft Position: 30)

Fresh off a gold medal with team-USA, this two-way stud would’ve been a franchise cornerstone for the up-and-coming Jazz.


4.) (Raptors) Klay Thompson (Actual Draft Position: 11)

Toronto would be taking a different Thompson had they been given a do-over.  Tristan has panned out to be a quality NBA starter, but Klay is levels ahead of him in terms of talent.



5.) (Cavaliers) Tristan Thompson (Actual Position: 5)

Again, not the most talented player on the board, but Tristan ended up being a key figure in Cavs’ 2016 championship roster.


6.) (Wizards) Nikola Vučević (Actual Position: 16)

Vučević would fill in a major hole in their current roster: a big that can score, and is the perfect selection at #6.
7.) (Kings) Kemba Walker (Actual Position: 9)
Kemba would not only fill a gaping hole at the point guard position, but as a 20+PPG player, he’d add some perimeter scoring to compliment DeMarcus Cousins.
8.) (Pistons) Reggie Jackson (Actual Position: 24)
Of course, Reggie ended up on the Pistons anyway via trade, and has panned out well.  But they could’ve acquired him without giving up key benches pieces.
9.) (Hornets) Isaiah Thomas (Actual Position: 60)
With Kemba off the board, the Hornets (then Bobcats) would be looking at the next best point guard on the board: the eventual last pick in the draft, Isaiah Thomas
10.) (Bucks) Tobias Harris (Actual Position: 19)
Tobias Harris would be a nice addition to already freakish athletic Bucks roster.


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