LeBron’s Brilliance Sets The Stage For An Epic Game 7

The celebration had already begun at Oracle Arena prior to Game 5 of the Finals, when the undermanned, but still clearly superior Warriors were on the brink of their second straight NBA title.  And two disastrous games later, staring one of the biggest upsets in sports history straight in the face, that same arrogant sense of entitlement still resides within them.

It all starts from their star player and flows down.  And after controversially fouling out of the game, their star threw a temper tantrum that shouldn’t be tolerated, especially when it comes from the back-to-back MVP and one of the faces of the league.

This conniption is just the latest embarrassment for the Warriors, with Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and Marreese Speights all taking public shots at LeBron, only to be schooled by the King in the two games following.

The sense of entitlement has also seemed to trickle down to Curry’s wife, who’s posted multiple eyebrow-raising tweets the past few days, most notably this one, which she quickly deleted.


But the Warriors still have one last game to show their resilience, commitment, and trust in each other that they’ve shown all year.  They’ll still be heavy favorites on Sunday, and with everything to prove for Steph Curry, expect him to show up in a big way in the final game of the season.

On the other side, LeBron James and Co. were done and dusted after they saw Game 4 slip right through their hands with a chance to tie the series.

But it seems nobody told LeBron that.  After a stunning road performance in Game 5 left Oracle Arena in a stunned silence, we thought there was no way he could replicate that kind of showing in Game 6.  And we were right.  He played even better.

Once again in attack mode, the King got to the rim at will.  The absence of Andrew Bogut and the questionable health of Andre Iguodala plagued the Warriors from the get-go, with LeBron seeing more open driving lanes than he’s ever seen before against Golden State’s (usually) stout defense.

Sloppy passing from the Warriors was also detrimental to their cause, as it allowed the Cavs to get out in transition and do things like this:


LeBron is one win away from completing the greatest comeback in NBA history, and is up there with the likes of Michael Jordan and Shaquille O’Neal for greatest Finals ever by a single player.

Not only would it mean bringing an NBA championship to his hometown Cavaliers, it would mean that he carried his team past a 73-win squad when they seemed dead in the water down 3-1.

The storylines are there.  Tempers are flaring.  Everyone has something to prove.  Let’s do this.



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